Pro Car Detailing Using Only Store Bought Products For Under $50!

Pro Car Detailing Using Only Store Bought Products For Under $50! 1280 720 James Stauffer

Today’s video was something new but also a requested one about what products do I recommend under $50 to complete an interior and exterior detail. First off, if you are starting out in detailing, it can be overwhelming when you look at all of the products on the shelf. There are tons of products that do the exact same thing and it all comes down to brand preference, cost and what type of look you are going for on your vehicle. This video and blog post isn’t the perfect combo of products and I actually have never tried any of them except for one of them prior to using them in this video… that is the point! If you are new to detailing or car care in general, this gets you started and with $25 a month you can try new products, gather more tools and eventually have tried enough products to know what you prefer.

I set out to my local Walmart and I was actually shocked at the quantity of different brands and products available! I was overwhelmed and it took me a minute to truly figure out what I wanted to go with to meet my goal of buying everything I needed under $50. Here is an image of the receipt and the grand total after tax was $50.80 USD! Nailed it!

Here are all of the products listed if you are interested in picking them up yourself along with the general guidelines of products for each part of a car to clean.

Chemical Guys Total Interior Cleaner/Protectant –

Mothers Cleaner Liquid Wax –

Eagle One All Wheel and Tire Cleaner –

HOW TO Deep CLEAN Cloth Car Seats – Car Interior Detailing

HOW TO Deep CLEAN Cloth Car Seats – Car Interior Detailing 1280 720 James Stauffer

Today, I’m going to teach you how to clean your cloth interior car seats in the most efficient way I have found that won’t break the bank. The method I’ll be using is a standard off-the-shelf carpet cleaner that I picked up for about a hundred and fifty bucks and it comes with a bagged attachment for a smaller wand specifically for upholstery and those hard to reach places. The cleaning solution I am using is the Zep premium carpet shampoo concentrate which smells halfway decent, clean stains and is definitely something that is up to the job.

BISSELL Carpet Cleaner and Carpet Shampooer:
Zep Commercial Zep Extractor Carpet Shampoo, 128 oz:

As you can see I have two car seats here from my 1997 Honda Civic and the one on the left is definitely showing a lot of dirt and grime especially on the bolsters. One of the biggest things to keep in mind is you definitely don’t want to over saturate the carpet because you will extend the time to dry substantially regardless of the extraction method. Make sure it’s a sunny day so you can let it sit outside after the cleaning process is complete.

Step 1: Vacuum the car seats to remove any surface dirt before you start scrubbing because all you’re going to do is scrub that dirt into the fabric and make your extraction much more difficult.

One thing to keep in mind especially throughout this whole process is that depending on which direction you vacuum or if it’s forward back left or right, you will leave lines on the fabric. Don’t let that deceive you when you’re working through the carpet cleaning process because it will make it look like there is dirt in certain areas when it’s not. Just press it over with your hand to move it around if you need to and double check.  I know some of you are thinking why am I using just a standard carpet cleaner but to be honest it actually works really really well for this sort of job and you can use it around your house. If you guys are interested in something more professional and you do have a detailing business or you just want to spend the extra money by all means there’s plenty of options out there that are much more capable and rugged than a standard off-the-shelf carpet cleaner

Step 2: Mix five ounces of the concentrate cleaner in one gallon of hot water. One thing I always recommend is if you can get hot water always use hot water because it will always clean better in a carpet cleaner

Step 3: Start extracting in slightly overlapping lines and take your time, go slow and allow the extractor to pull out as much water as possible. Subsequent passes without spraying additional cleaner will extract further water.

Step 4 (Optional): Use a bristled brush to agitate the fabric if you have heavy staining and dirt buildup and followup with the carpet cleaner to remove the lifted debris.

Step 5: (Optional): Follow up with an additional 2-3 passes after extracting cleaner from the seat if the fabric is especially dirty.

Step 6: Highly recommend just letting it sit out in the sun on a warm day to dry as it will speed up the process over leaving to sit in your garage or car.

One thing to keep in mind guys if you don’t want to buy an extractor or any carpet machine, you do have the option to rent one for $30-50 a day instead. If you enjoyed this post and found it helpful share on your socials and check out the video as well to see the before and after results with the method listed above.

How To Clean Your Car Like A Pro – Car Detailing

How To Clean Your Car Like A Pro – Car Detailing 1280 442 James Stauffer

How to clean your car properly is actually not as straight forward as one would think. There are many considerations that have to be made in order to remove all of the dirt on the car thoroughly but to also not induce further damage to the paint. The reality of it all is regardless of how careful you are in washing your car, over time you will induce scratching. This guide will help with minimizing scratching and also teach you the best method that I use for all my vehicles to ensure they look as good as possible between polishing and correction details.


The first step with any car wash is to gather up your supplies and tools that you will be using. Over the years, I have fine tuned my arsenal of supplies and through testing, determined what works best for me. We all have personal preferences with everything we do but I will say that the products listed below work well together to complete the job:

Sun Joe SPX3000 Pressure Washer –
Grit Guard Inserts –
Chemical Guys Foam Cannon –
Chemical Guys Microfiber Wash Mitt –
The Guzzler Microfiber Drying Towels –

Once all of your supplies are collected, it’s time to begin the wash. First wet the car with your pressure washer or hose. This will allow the largest of dirt, salt, bug juices or other debris to moisten and make easier to remove in the next steps. Now for my favorite step in the whole process (see awesome photo below), the FOAM CANNON! Feel free to use the one linked or a similar recommended brand as all are not created equal. Grab your foam cannon specific soap, add the recommended amount, fill with water and give a good shake! Once attached to your pressure washer, start at the top of the vehicle and work your wash down the car until covered completely with a thick layer of soapy foamy goodness. You will see this heavy layer fall down your car and in doing so pull surface particles with it and lessen the cleaning needed in a later step.

Snapseed (1)

I probably spend more time on this step just because of how much fun it is to use a foam cannon. Busting out my IPhone to capture slow-mo shots at every angle is a good time no matter what the temperature is out!


Now, the next step is typically the starting point for most which is grabbing your bucket and wash mitt to begin your wash. The best way to ensure your paint stays in the best condition possible is to use the two bucket method with grit guards at the bottom of each bucket. One bucket with clean water and the other with your sudsy soapy solution. I recommend this method because every time you take your soapy wash mitt and wash a panel on your car, you are collecting dirt onto your wash mitt. By rinsing out your mitt in the clean water bucket, you keep the soapy water bucket clean of dirt. Also, between rinsing, the dirt will settle at the bottom and the grit guard will keep it off your mitt and from scratching your paint.


Key thing to remember as you wash your car is to start at the top and use one side of the mitt on each panel. As you get closer to the ground, rear bumper and bottom of the doors you will have more dirt and need more attention when washing and also rinsing of your mitt. Work your way around the car and when you get to your wheels/tires, I highly recommend picking up another car detailing tool since brake dust and dirt is always highest on your rims.


Once all surfaces have been scrubbed, use a hose (starting on the roof) to sheet the water and soap off the car. By using a higher volume of water a hose without nozzle provides, it allows more water to pull off the car and minimize drying needed especially if your car is coated with a beading top coat (wax, sealant, etc).


Now at this point you are on the home stretch. I am partial to the towels I listed above which The Guzzler microfiber towel is massive and 2 towels will easily dry your standard sedan and then some! Highly recommend them to make your cleaning up after easier as well. Once again, start at the top of your car and work your way down as your dry. Pay particular attention to the areas where water will collect like your mirrors, door trim, and panel seams because you’ll dry it once and come back later and find a water mark down a panel that needs dried again. A leaf blower dedicated or air compressor is ideal in this situation to help with removing it the first time and drying once after.


If you want to take it to another level the next areas mentioned will take your cleaning regimen to another level in terms of your satisfaction or if this is for your detailing business. Open the trunk, all doors, gas cap door, and hood of the car and go around each location and wipe all surfaces that are dirty, wet or exposed to the conditions. You have to look at this way, you fill up 1, 2, maybe 3 times a week and over time the gas cap area will get dirty and grimy if you don’t keep it clean. Instead now, every time you fill up the area looks just as good as the outside of the car and you don’t risk getting dirt in the fuel tank. This goes for the other areas mentioned (door sills and door frames!!!).

Screen Shot 2018-02-05 at 12.49.54 AM

Check out the video below to watch the entire process described above for more details on the process and SUBSCRIBE to my Youtube Channel for more detailing videos!

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