Interested in having your car detailed or possibly featured in one of my videos? Please contact me below by filling out the form and have some pictures ready to send of the interior/exterior! I am located in Columbus, OH.

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  1. I’ve been watching your YouTube videos for a while now and I’m located in Columbus OH also. Do you have a detailing shop? I’d love to get my Infiniti G35x fully detailed.

  2. Im Located Out of logan, Ohio. Work in columbus.

  3. Im really impressed with your videos and would love to see you got your services how would I get a hold of you? I did leave a message in the contacts boxes above earlier this week.

  4. Hey. How do you use a vacuum cleaner to clean the inside of the car. I want myself this. Thank

  5. Where did you get the attachment for the vacuum that you use? I noticed in the pictures on Amazon, the vaccum doesnt come with the attachment you use.

  6. Mr. Stauffer,

    I am big a fan of your videos and have watched your Restoration video for the 87′ Fiero. My girlfriend’s Uncle has an 86′ Fiero and is looking to sell it in good condition. He is Located in Fort Wayne, Indiana. If you were looking to scrap your 87′ Fiero and interested in buying the 86′ Fiero. Please contact Lowell Colwell at Looking forward to hearing from you.


    Charles Dunavan

  7. Hello! I am located in Columbus, Ohio as well and was wondering what an estimated price for a full detail on a 2002 Honda Accord might start at. Its never been truly cleaned out, only simple vacuums at car washes.

  8. I was just wondering if say a carpet extractor they may be used in your home would work just as well as the one that you use?

  9. Hello myquell here I would love to have you detail my car I’m in Ohio what are your rates it’s 04 Nissan Murano need it fully detailed.

  10. I wish I lived closer I live just outside central Ohio in the Wellington Ohio area.

  11. I live in the canton area, is that too far away for you to clean my car?

  12. I’ll send you some pictures of my car you tell me what you think. I use to clean my car myself but since I’ve had a stoke a few years back I can no longer do it.

  13. I am trying to enter my info in the contact section, but when I type in my year, model, and make of the car…it tells me to enter a url. Can you please help? I would like to contact you.

  14. Hello I live in Columbus and will like for u to detail my car. It look really bad and I m uncomfortable driving it. I send u pic via your email . Plz i hop u can
    reply me asap. Thanks

  15. Hey James, as someone trying to create my own detailing business how would you suggest I start? I know most of the equipment you use is pretty costly. So I was just curious on how you got your start.


  16. Hello, my name is Jacob Johnson. I’ve been watching your videos for a little bit and I have decided to start detailing cars as well. I’ve done it off and on for the last 4-5 years but now I want to make it my career. The main thing I’m having trouble with is pricing. How would I figure different prices for different things. I am from the Salt Lake valley in Utah.

  17. Hey I’m Ethan Porch and I’ve started a car detailing business and I wanted to know the type of wet/dry vacuum and carpet cleaner you use in your videos. I’m in Virginia

  18. Hi, I’m very interested in starting my own detailing business, there aren’t many in New Zealand. I was wondering how long does it take for you to do a full exterior and interior clean, and how much do you charge on average?

  19. What is the app called that you use to total up your services?

  20. Just want to say I’ve just used my freshly arrived Fox detailing brushes for the first time – worked a treat!

    Possibly Your Furthest Subscriber (Hobart, Tasmania).

  21. I have a problem my uncle drives a semi truck and he wants me to clean it in a rew weeks. It is covered in this oilly grease that will only come off point blant with my electric green worths pressure washer. What degreaser/soap would you recommend by the way this truck has over 70 thousand miles on it and has never been detailed

    I also need a recomidation on how to get rid of the cigarette smoke smell from the last owner

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