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Lets start from the beginning… Back in 2010 when I first started detailing in college as a way to make an income to pay for school and fund those enjoyable experiences college is known for providing. I learned that whether I was detailing a junked up civic or a Ferrari, every car deserves some love and ensuring every nook and cranny is touched. This is where my attention to detail originated from and the need for the best detailing tools to do the job done well and right. 

In 2018 I began posting videos on my Youtube channel, Stauffer Garage, sharing my tips and techniques with the world. Getting back into the detailing game after 8 years, I had to rebuild my arsenal of detailing tools and products and struggled to find tools that were of the quality I needed to get the job done. This is when the idea of Fox Clean was born. I wanted to have the best tools and products available to help everyone get their cars clean like never before which is why I make sure I find and test every product from multiple sources before sharing them with you. Detailing is an art but also a way to connect with your car and learn to appreciate the little details that make them so great. Every car deserves the same level of care when it comes to cleaning and with a set of detailing brushes from Fox Clean, you’ll be able to agitate the ‘ish out of any dirt in your way! 

8 Comments on “Fox Clean Detailing Products

  1. Hi there, Love your detail vids!

    We want to buy detailing brushes but, you talk about the black bristle brushes on your videos which you say you cannot live without yet, your site only has white synthetic brushes.

    Please advise and many thanks, BB

    • Hi Barbara,

      In the past before I sourced my own brushes I had used black bristled ones I purchased online. They worked great but I didn’t like the durability nor the inability to tell how dirty the brush was after each section. With the Fox Clean brushes, the durability met my standards and also I can tell when I need to rinse out the brush with water. Also, they give me a better gauge of when they need replacing.

      Thanks for reaching out!

  2. Loved the new vid…Subaru! You can only polish a turd so much……
    Oh 2.47 in change.

  3. When will you have the microfiber towels available???

  4. Love your videos!!!! I hobby in detailing dirty cars just for the satisfaction in the end result. My wife and I watch your videos regularly as a “decompression” from the long work days after the kids go to bed! My wife had also been watching your wife’s vids. Keep up the great work and we look forward to your future vids!

  5. Detail brushes are sent from heaven. Best brushes i’ve used so far. Bristles don’t easily fray or come off like some board hair brushes do.

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