Detailing Products I Use

Detailing Brush Set From Fox Clean:
Detailing Products From Fox Clean:

Small rounded brushes that allow you to get into all of those nooks and crannies that dirt loves to get trapped!

A must have item if you are doing any fabric cleaning on your seats, carpet or even on stubborn interior trim.

A glass cleaner that is safe on tint, ammonia free and after using it for 15+ years… I still wouldn’t use another glass cleaning product.

Been using the Lexol twin for years and never seen a leather seat not look amazing after using them.

Wet/Dry Vac is a powerful high-performance vac designed to tackle the toughest cleanup projects!

Whether you are the weekend warrior or do this as a job, the Sandia extractor is budget friendly but powerful for the $. Best part is if your kids or pets make a mess, you can save the day with this handy little guy.

You can never protect yourself enough from the dust and debris in the air when detailing.

My go to for interior trim UV protection and shine without that sticky oily feel.

To get those stubburn stains, grease, or caked on goo clean… look no further than the power of steam!

To equalize and eliminate odor, you sometimes have to bust out the big guns. Ozone is a chemical free method to help remove bad smells and also kill any mold, bacteria or insects.

The drill of choice for my drill brushes and also handy around the house!

New favorite pet hair or human hair cleaner upper!

One of the best one step polishes on the market that will remove swirls and minor scratches without the need for a second pass.

Large capacity sprayer to spray all of your interior fabrics quickly instead of making your hand scream for mercy from squeezing a spray bottle.

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