Pro Car Detailing Using Only Store Bought Products For Under $50!

Pro Car Detailing Using Only Store Bought Products For Under $50! 1280 720 James Stauffer

Today’s video was something new but also a requested one about what products do I recommend under $50 to complete an interior and exterior detail. First off, if you are starting out in detailing, it can be overwhelming when you look at all of the products on the shelf. There are tons of products that do the exact same thing and it all comes down to brand preference, cost and what type of look you are going for on your vehicle. This video and blog post isn’t the perfect combo of products and I actually have never tried any of them except for one of them prior to using them in this video… that is the point! If you are new to detailing or car care in general, this gets you started and with $25 a month you can try new products, gather more tools and eventually have tried enough products to know what you prefer.

I set out to my local Walmart and I was actually shocked at the quantity of different brands and products available! I was overwhelmed and it took me a minute to truly figure out what I wanted to go with to meet my goal of buying everything I needed under $50. Here is an image of the receipt and the grand total after tax was $50.80 USD! Nailed it!

Here are all of the products listed if you are interested in picking them up yourself along with the general guidelines of products for each part of a car to clean.

Chemical Guys Total Interior Cleaner/Protectant –

Mothers Cleaner Liquid Wax –

Eagle One All Wheel and Tire Cleaner –

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